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Get the HPV vaccination

HPV (human papilloma virus) or papilloma virus causes cervical cancer and some other cancers. Cervical cancer does not occur without this viral infection.

The HPV vaccine can prevent the papilloma virus infection. The vaccine protects against the most HPV types that most often cause cancer. The vaccine can be used to prevent cervical cancer precursors and HPV-induced vaginal and extracellular cancer precursors.

The vaccine provides the best protection when taken before sexual activity begins. The vaccine is effective only in people who have never had HPV infection.

HPV vaccine is currently part of the national vaccine programme. It is given to sixth grade girls.

You can take the vaccine also later in life though it doesn’t protect as well if taken when older. Those who don’t have the right to be vaccinated as part of the national vaccination programme can purchase the vaccination at a pharmacy with a prescription.

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