Tobacco products

One in three cases of cancer are caused by tobacco. Living without tobacco is the most effective was to prevent cancer. Stopping smoking is always worthwhile.

Tobacco, snuff, e-cigarettes and hookahs

One in every two smokers will die from a tobacco-related disease, unless they quit the habit. Tobacco use in Finland, and everywhere in the world, is the main cause of preventable diseases and premature death.

Tobacco products are highly developed items that induce and sustain dependence. Tobacco products include cigarettes, cigars, pipes, different sorts of snuff, and hookahs

All tobacco products are harmful regardless of whether they are burnt, sniffed, chewed or whether you are exposed to them passively. The biggest cancer risk comes from the burning of tobacco, as the combustion process adds dangerous, carcinogenic substances.

“All tobacco products are harmful.”

Other nicotine products, like e-cigarettes and e-shishas, cause dependence and are harmful to health.

The good news is that the number of smokers has decreased in Finland. In 2014, 16% of adults smoked on a daily basis, men a little more than women. The use of other tobacco and nicotine products, such as e-cigarettes and snuff, has seen a worrying increase in recent years.